Bonus InsidešŸ”„ – Working with shapes in figma in hindi | how to use shapes in figma | Figma tutorial in Hindi part 8 – figma tutorial for beginners

Figma working with shapes in Hindi | | Figma course in Hindi part 8 In this video, you will learn about “how to use shapes in figma”. You must know about the shape tools because when you start creating website ui design in Figma or mobile app ui design in figma, you will need to … Read more

Bonus InsidešŸ”„ – Figma interface and tools tutorial in Hindi part 4 – figma tutorial for beginners

Figma interface and tools: This video will teach you about the interface and tools of Figma means what are the Figma tools, left and right panels, what are Figma frames, etc. How to create an artboard in Figma. Actually, in Figma, we call the artboard “Frames”. I have explained the whole Figma toolbar as well … Read more