Bonus InsidešŸ”„ – Figma tutorial: Branching & merging – figma tutorial for beginners

Figma is free to use. Sign up here: Branching gives you greater control and peace of mind when making changes at scale – whether you’re contributing to a shared library or exploring ideas in design files. Branching is only available on Figma design files, for teams on the Organization plan. Give branching a try … Read more

Bonus InsidešŸ”„ – Github and Unity for Teams and Students Part 1 – github student developer pack

Getting the #Unity #DarkMode for Free! #darkmode What is #Git, how does it connect with #Github? How to signup for Github? Benefits of Github student Github Student Connection with Unity Student pack! #Unity3D #UnityStudentPack How to signup for Github student? Workflow for Github and Unity (2019.3 or later) Introducing Github: A Non-technical Guide Beginning … Read more