Bonus Inside🔥 – Building YOUR Apps!! – flutter development tutorials in english

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35 thoughts on “Bonus Inside🔥 – Building YOUR Apps!! – flutter development tutorials in english”

  1. I have an important question to ask about flutter,
    1) I am a beginner just started using flutter, when I am coding with flutter, how do i know the properties or attributes of each widget. When I press ctrl space it gives me the whole suggestions in flutter instead of giving me the suggestion of the properties that partakes to that particular widget. As a beginner I know what I need but since it doesn't give me the list that partakes to that particular widget, that is a problem for me. is there a fix for this or a suggestion of what I can do in this scenario or is their a flutter plugin that can help in this situation.
    2) when i was coding in android studio, i was able to tweak my appbar to look like a card view with rounded edges, is it possible to the thesame in flutter. Any suggestions or youtube video that can help will be highly appreaciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. wow. That wouldn't have taken even 3 weeks to build and instead of trying to build our ideas, you could teach us how to do it ourselves.
    I got some couple of questions
    1. how did you run the python code?
    2. What apps are you using to make those cool stuffs?


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