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Welcome to Study Vlog ! Hola ! Bonjour! Hello! Chethana here! and I’m really happy to connect with you to help you with study tips that I follow!

💖 Motivate with Me🏆

It is just not about studies, I will guide you in your life! Yes, you heard it right! I’m gonna show you what you can achieve. Okay, this might kinds sound like boosting 😉 ! But, no you got it whole wrong, I’m gonna create simple, cute and aesthetic videos where I’ll be showing all about I know in life and from which you are gonna benefit from!

I am an author, a writer, a poet, but I do not sell poems! , I am a businesswoman too!

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Favorite Singer group : BTR (Big Time Rush)
Favorite country: Italy
Grade: 13
Target subscriber count:- 100 (At First) 💖
200 (At Second)
500 (At Third)
1000 (At Tenth)
This video;-
1.Creation of cover on Canva (Free) –
2.Downloading cover template trim size (free) –
3. Interior download college rule (free)-
4. Publishing on KDP with one time approval with no errors!

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