Bonus Inside🔥 – Figma tutorial: Branching & merging – figma tutorial for beginners

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Branching gives you greater control and peace of mind when making changes at scale – whether you’re contributing to a shared library or exploring ideas in design files. Branching is only available on Figma design files, for teams on the Organization plan. Give branching a try in your organization today, or talk to our Sales team about upgrading to the organization plan.

Best practices guide:
Branching in Figma:

Blog post:
Introducing branching: space to iterate and explore freely

00:00 – Overview
00:06 – Branching
00:34 – Merging
00:51 – Use case
01:01 – Availability
01:08 – Creating a branch
01:34 – Updates from main file
01:53 – Managing conflicts from the main file
02:10 – Starting a merge
02:22 – Viewing changes to a file
02:30 – Merge review
02:40 – Adding a reviewer
03:05 – File in review
03:12 – Reviewer’s process
03:21 – Badges
03:26 – Reviewing a change
03:40 – Approving a merge
03:53 – Restore to a previous version
04:02 – Wrap up

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13 thoughts on “Bonus Inside🔥 – Figma tutorial: Branching & merging – figma tutorial for beginners”

  1. Just No. This is so fragile for mistakes and takes way too much effort to even inderstand and not forget or make mistakes, since you won’t use this on a dailt / weekly / monthly basis

  2. It look just great, however I am a bit worried that this might get a bit complicated especially for new designers…Figma is a great product because you can lean it fast an achieve a lot with a simple interface… please don’t ruin that


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