Timelapse Glass


Timelapse is a Google Glass application prototype to make point of view time-lapse.


Go fast, fast, fast: nowadays this is our rhythm! So what is the solution to share a slice of our day? Timelapse + Google glass is the best equation. We really wanted to offer a solution for those who need to share a day story: a roadtrip, a skiing session, a marathon, a paragliding flight, or simply a walk … By combining the Glass technology and the timelapse trick, we have developed a unique POV timelapse application: the limit is just your inspiration !


End of 2013, Google released the Glass Development Kit (GDK) as a sneak peek for developers, GDK is a toolkit that allows to build rich application using camera, sensors and voice recognition. We made some R&D to setup a video timelapse application and we released a seamless application to take POV timelapses and to watch them right in the glass screen.


1. Say the magic word “ok glass” and in the menu of Glass voice actions say “Start timelapse”


2. Once the Glassware is launch you can choose between recording a video or watching existing videos


3. During the recording you can see the number of recorded frames and you can stop the recording by tapping the touchpad


4. If you choose to watch existing videos you can swipe forward and back to navigate in the timeline.


5. For each video, you can tap the touchpad to access menu to then play, delete or share (coming soon) the video.

image image


1. Get Glass

The hardest part, right? You can wait for the public release or Visit Google’s Glass site to learn more.

2. Get Timelapse

Download the APK application here. This build is compatible with the XE20.1 update of the software. For now, you need to know how to sideload an APK, you can get more informations here.

3. Start Timelapse

Start recording on Glass just by saying “OK Glass, start timelapse”.

4. Watch your video

You have two options : watch your videos right in the application, or get the videos using your regular Google Glass image manager.


  • Head of Creative technologist : Julien Terraz
  • Creative technologist : Stéphane Allary